Nylstar Annual Report

Nylstar is a Catalan company founded in 1923 specialized in nylon yarn production. It became the first and most important producer of this type of yarn, and in recent years has begun a process of modernization that continues to underpin its commitment to the highest quality.

Our objective was to show the historic values as a great consolidated company in an attractive way and at the same time to communicate the change that had taken place in recent years with a view to innovation and modernity. The economic and growth data showed that Nylstar was consolidating in the new stage that they had undertaken.

The annual report has different sections depending on the type of information reflected. The use of a vivid and powerful color serves as a guiding thread to visually link the different sections. To illustrate its past we take advantage of the archive of black and white images that contrast very well with the current ones; Clean and dynamic images with which we wanted to show its current vitality. In this way, we proposed a clean and orderly design accompanied by infographics to show at a glance the most relevant data of the new stage. As a result, we get a light and luminous feeling.