Ca s’abuela

“Ca s’abuela” is a photobook by Cati Bestard about her grandmother’s house in Mallorca, Spain. It includes pictures taken by her dad in the 60’s, and pictures she took between 2017 and 2021.

Quoting Cati herself “The dust, which accumulated on a photographic negative became the cover of the book, indicates the absence of people, surfaces untouched for decades, and the accumulation of other substances. But there is also a narrative void of complex stories, past lives, memories, and decisions, impossible to convey because they are as vast as they are unknown. The photographic image is a piece of a fragmented reality, a language with many shortcomings, like any other language.”

Ca s’abuela
200 copies, 100 pages, 17 x 25 cm.

A project by Cati Bestard.
You can buy it here.