What we do

We help companies and institutions to boost their vision and connect with their clients and users. We believe in clear concepts that rely in formal simplicity as the most effective way of communication and with the purpose that solutions will last in time.

Fase, estudio de diseño gráfico. Cristina Alonso y Raül Vicent

How we do it

We are fully committed to our clients and their projects and we believe that the best results are achieved through collaboration. Strategy is one of the basis of our work, so we study the context and objectives before we begin to design and we try to give original and attractive solutions, but first reasoned and effective.

The studio

After more than 10 years in the studio Nadadora, Cristina Alonso joins Raül Vicent to found Fase. Our structure allows us to fully engage in each stage of the project and to work closely with our clients. We also have a stable network of suppliers and collaborators in all area between the print and digital worlds.


We do graphic design paying special attention to visual identity, editorial design and typography. We help companies and institutions to boost their vision in the fields of brand identity, packaging, publications, exhibition design and webpages.