La Mercería, art gallery

This art gallery was born in 2018 in the heart of València with the aim of exposing emerging artists work. The gallery is in the space previously occupied by a haberdashery (Mercería in spanish), still retaining the original signs, so it was decided to keep the name of “Mercería” for its new activity.

Fase, estudio de diseño gráfico. Identidad corporativa La Mercería, galería de arte. Postales Antonio Pineda.

The identity is based on a very simple idea: to transfer the frontal view of the gallery to a graphic system. In this way the window represents the space that the gallery provides the artist to show his work, while the door is the place established for the appellation. A model that adapts itself to the format of each material, and that incorporates the work as part of the identity. The color changes for each new exhibition, thus evidencing the change and enriching the identity. In the case of corporate materials, a simplified version that softens its personality is used.