Mediterranew Musix

Musix is an institutional project for cultural promotion of Generalitat Valenciana; an umbrella brand which aims to situate Comunitat Valenciana as a benchmark in the international music circuit.

The identity should bring together all the Comunitat Valenciana’s musical offer, embrace festivals of different types and styles, approach to diverse national and international markets; have a strong tourism component and be able to coexist with a wide brands variety.

Èxit was the agency responsible for conducting the naming and verbal identity. Both teams worked together the concept: Comunitat Valenciana understood as a mix of music and cultures, a universal meeting point without losing its local character (musix/musics means musicians in Valencian).

Given the complexity of the assignment, rather than designing a brand, we generated a versatile graphic system to communicate that Comunitat Valenciana is a “Musix land” in various contexts. This system is built from a specific element (ligature) which is very adaptable for its ability to connect and put together different concepts.