Echo is a body that listens, a body that speaks, a body that “thinks”. Echo only knows and can only use the words that she has previously heard, paying attention to how she hears them combine. Echo listens to you and responds to you. Echo sometimes says incongruous or unconnected things. Echo sometimes says things that make sense. Included in this publication is the automatic record of what Echo heard and said since she was born and during the period she was in Dilalica.

96 pages, 14 x 19 cm.

A project by Lúa Coderch, Julia Múgica, Lluís Nacenta and Iván Paz for Dilalica.
Text by Lúa Coderch.
Echo photography by Aleix Plademunt.
Illustration generated using ASCII code.
Tipography Chassi and Menlo.