Lavandera, a brand for collectors

Lavandera was born more than 10 years ago as a fashion company for people who escape conventions, that want to create their own universe and that are alien to the frenetic rhythms of today’s society. All their garments are made in Spain and are labeled with a serial number which specifies the number of garments made per model. Lavandera escapes the collections that are born and die every six months, it is a brand for collectors.

Lavandera pursues an educational work, an approach between the people of the street and the most conceptual fashion. More than 10 years after, the ideology and aspirations with which it started have not changed, but its formalization has evolved, opening a more mature and polished path.

This was, our main goal in this brand redesign project. In this way, we seek to generate a cleaner and readable logo than the previous one, designing a lettering that like the brand’s garments, is a contrasts and details balance. We also added a claim, “A brand for collectors” referred to the limited edition of garments and their timeless spirit. Finally, for the identity, a sober and elegant cut was maintained but incorporating suggestive attitudes and a current language.